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Leapfrog Group for Patient Safety: a Resource for Comparing Hospital Quality and Safety

The Leapfrog Group for Patient Safety is a private, not-for-profit organization sponsored by many major businesses. Its goal is to promote safety, quality and affordability of health care by providing information that helps consumers make informed health care decisions.

Leapfrog invites hospitals to voluntarily answer surveys about their overall safety and the outcomes of care for certain procedures and conditions. Leapfrog then evaluates these responses, scores them and puts the scores on its website so patients can compare hospitals.

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Leapfrog's four initiatives for hospital quality and safety

Leapfrog bases its hospital ratings on a hospital’s use of the following four quality and safety practices:

  1. Computer physician order entry (CPOE) system. With CPOE, hospital staff enter medication orders via computers with software that prevents prescribing errors.
  2. How extensive a hospital’s experience is in performing certain procedures. This includes how often the hospital performs these procedures each year and what the outcomes are.
  3. Staffing intensive care units with “intensivists.” These are doctors who have special training in critical care medicine.
  4. Leapfrog Safe Practices Score – This score determines a hospital’s progress on additional safety practices.

Get detailed information on the Leapfrog Group's four initiatives to improve hospital quality and safety. (You will need to scroll down to view this information.)

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The Leapfrog Group for Patient Safety is an independent entity not affiliated with UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company or its affiliated or parent companies.

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