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What hospital would you want to go to if you were having a heart attack? If you asked friends this question, you would likely get different answers, like:

These people have different views – mostly based on a hospital’s reputation or on personal experience. But what if you want more than a friend’s point of view? Is there information based on strong criteria that you can check to help you make informed choices about where to go for a heart attack or other kinds of situations? Lately there has been a lot of attention on answering this question.

Resources to compare hospital quality

There are several websites that can give you lots of information about the quality of health care at hospitals. You can use them to check how well hospitals manage many conditions and procedures.

Hospital Compare is provided by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The information can be used by any patient needing hospital care. This website offers you many ways to look at quality, like:

The Leapfrog Group for Patient Safety provides another website where you can check out hospital quality. Leapfrog is a private, not-for-profit organization sponsored by many major businesses. Its goal is to promote safety, quality and affordability of health care.

Leapfrog invites hospitals to voluntarily answer surveys about their overall safety and the outcomes of care for certain procedures and conditions. Leapfrog then evaluates these responses, scores them and puts the scores on its website so patients can compare hospitals. On the Leapfrog website, you can:

These resources are independent entities not affiliated with UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company or its affiliated or parent companies.

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