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Provider listings effective July 1, 2019

Not sure which plan you’re in? You’ll find your plan name on the front of your ID card, under your member ID number.

Behavioral health network providers – Look for a mental health or substance use disorder provider. Use these providers for behavioral health services to get the highest level of benefits, and to avoid balance billing with non-Massachusetts providers.

Preferred vendors – Use UniCare's preferred vendors to receive 100% coverage after copays and deductible for certain services such as durable medical equipment, medical and diabetic supplies, home health care, and home infusion.

Specialized Health Facilities – UniCare has contracted with various types of health facilities in Massachusetts that have agreed to provide services to plan members at negotiated rates. These facilities include:

Ambulatory surgery centers – Independent centers in Massachusetts that are not run by a hospital, where members have no copay for services received. All members, except for Basic members without comprehensive insurance coverage (CIC), also have no coinsurance for services at these centers.

Urgent care centers – Independent, non-hospital-owned locations in Massachusetts where you can receive urgent care for a $20 copay (Basic, PLUS and Community Choice members) or a $10 copay (Medicare members). These centers are able to treat conditions that should be handled quickly but that aren’t life threatening. They often do X-rays, lab tests and stitches.

Find a doctor (for non-Medicare members only) – Find primary and specialty care medical providers and see which tier your Massachusetts specialist is designated as. When you or your dependents use the non-Massachusetts contracted providers shown in the Find a doctor tool, you won’t be balance billed.

Our Find a doctor tool is for non-Medicare members only. Medicare members can see any medical provider.


  • Use Beacon behavioral health network providers. For the highest benefits coverage, use behavioral health providers in the Beacon Health Options network, NOT the behavioral health providers in the unicare.com Find a doctor tool. When you use Beacon network providers, you'll avoid higher copays, as well as balance billing with non-Massachusetts providers.
  • Community Choice members: Be sure to check that the specialist you'd like to see will refer you to a Community Choice hospital for services if needed. You’ll have lower copays and 100% coverage after the deductible when you use Community Choice hospitals.
  • PLUS members living in Massachusetts: Be sure to check that the specialist you’d like to see will refer you to a Tier 1 or Tier 2 hospital for services if needed. You’ll have lower copays at these hospitals than at a Tier 3 hospital.

To find a primary care provider in the Find a doctor tool:

  • Choose Family/general practice, internal medicine in the Specialty box.
  • Enter your desired location information or search for a doctor by name.
  • Check the box Able to serve as a primary care physician and press Search.

Quality Centers and Designated Hospitals for transplants

If you or a family member need a transplant, you'll save on out-of-pocket costs when you use certain hospitals. Learn more.


As a PLUS or Community Choice member, you pay a lower copay for primary care when you use patient-centered primary care providers in Massachusetts. These providers appear in the Find a doctor tool with “PCP+” next to their names.

Hospital Listing

  • Plus Members – Check this listing to find the tier assignment of a Massachusetts acute care hospital. You pay lower copays when you use a Tier 1 or Tier 2 hospital.
  • Community Choice members – Check to see which hospitals you can use at the lower copays and 100% coverage, as a Community Choice plan member.

Physician profiles – Get information on practicing physicians in Massachusetts from an independent website maintained by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine. The site displays information drawn from its extensive database of licensed doctors. The search page is easy to use and gives you information such as a physician's education, affiliations and any recent malpractice history.

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