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The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) continues to encourage its members to join a limited network plan. If you live in Massachusetts and are considering this option, take a close look at Community Choice, the statewide limited network plan UniCare has offered since 2004.

Community Choice is a lower-cost option for active employees and non-Medicare retirees and survivors living in Massachusetts. In fact, it has the lowest individual and family premiums of all the non-Medicare plans offered by the GIC for the new plan year.

New Mobile Health app and enhanced member services for July 1, 2018

  • Mobile Health – Our new secure Mobile Health app for smartphones and tablets will help you get the answers you need in real time, on the go. You can easily check the status of your claims, assess your health, get benefits and wellness information, estimate your costs for a procedure, and lots more. When you complete your health assessment in Mobile Health, the app becomes your personalized one-on-one guide to UniCare health and well-being resources, plan communications, and your health. You can use Mobile Health on your computer, too.
  • Enhanced member services – With our new approach to member support, you’ll get personalized help and answers from a health guide when you call UniCare Member Services. This personal approach comes at no extra cost to you – it’s part of your health coverage. Our health guides will listen and work with you to help resolve your issues as quickly as possible, and can connect you to more resources when needed. You can also work with a primary nurse to get one-on-one support to help you reach your health goals, like eating healthier, quitting smoking, or dealing with a health condition.

See the doctors you want and choose from 58 hospitals in Massachusetts

With Community Choice, you can see any Massachusetts doctor you want without a referral for office visits with specialists. You can choose from 58 hospitals throughout Massachusetts, including Children’s Hospital Boston and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. If you want to use a non-Community Choice Hospital, you can do that, too, but at a higher out-of-pocket cost.

When you use a Community Choice hospital – and doctors and services associated with those hospitals – your plan coverage is just as comprehensive as UniCare’s premier indemnity plan (Basic). And, you’ll pay a much lower premium.

With Community Choice, you have nationwide coverage with contracted providers for medical care while you travel, plus coverage for your dependents who attend out-of-state schools. These contracted providers will not balance bill you for charges over UniCare's allowed amount. You can also avoid balance billing by using a behavioral health network provider in any state.

The value of having a PCP

As with all of our plan options, you don’t need to select a PCP (primary care provider), but it’s a smart idea. Primary care is designed to keep you well – not just to deliver care when you’re sick or hurt. Your PCP can also help you stay healthy and learn about possible health issues at an early stage. He or she can coordinate services if you need more extensive care. Because your PCP knows you and your health history, he or she can make decisions and offer guidance based on what’s best and works for you. Learn more.

Please note:

  • Community Choice is not available to Massachusetts residents who live on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. If you live in one of these locations, please look at our Basic and PLUS plan options.

Learn more about Community Choice

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) – Check the SBC for the Community Choice plan option to get an easy-to-understand breakdown of your coverage.

Compare our plans – For help with deciding which of our non-Medicare plans (Basic, PLUS or Community Choice is right for you:

Get an overview of the UniCare State Indemnity Plan and our four health plan options.

Community Choice hospital listing – When you use Community Choice hospitals, you have lower copays and get 100% coverage. You pay lower copays when you use a Tier 1 or Tier 2 hospital.

Save with Tier 1 and Tier 2 specialists – Basic members can see any primary care provider or specialist. You'll have lower office visit copays for specialty care when you see Tier 1 and Tier 2 specialists in Massachusetts. Get details on our physician tiering program for Basic and our other non-Medicare plans.

Save with patient-centered primary care providers (PCPs) – You have the freedom to see any primary care provider, but starting July 1, 2018, you’ll pay a lower copay ($15) for visits to Massachusetts PCPs who participate in UniCare’s Patient-Centered Primary Care program. The copay for all other PCPs is $20.

View all provider listings for the Community Choice.

View member handbook for the Community Choice plan.

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