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As a PLUS Plan member, you can use any Massachusetts hospital or doctor you choose. If you live in Maine, New Hampshire or Rhode Island, or parts of Connecticut, you can also use providers in the UniCare network in your home state (with a Tier 2 level copay) at the same benefit level as with Massachusetts providers. When you use providers in the UniCare network, you won't be balance billed.

With the PLUS plan, you have nationwide coverage through Travel Access providers for urgent medical care while you travel, plus urgent care coverage for your dependents who attend out-of-state schools. (Your dependents must get routine medical care in your home state.) By using Travel Access providers, you avoid balance billing.

The value of having a PCP

As with all of our plan options, you don’t need to select a PCP (primary care provider) – but it’s a smart idea. Primary care is designed to keep you well, not just to deliver care when you’re sick or hurt. Your PCP can also help you stay healthy and help you identify possible health issues at an early stage. He or she can coordinate services if you need more extensive care. Because your PCP knows you and your health history, he or she can make decisions and offer guidance based on what’s best and works for you. Learn more.

Please Note: If you are a GIC Retired Municipal Teacher (RMT) or Elderly Governmental Retiree (EGR) who is not eligible for Medicare, you can only join our premier Basic indemnity plan.

Learn more about the PLUS plan

Summary of Benefts and Coverage (SBC) Check the PLUS plan SBC to get an easy-to-understand breakdown of your coverage.

View our 2016-2017 Plan Comparison Guide to learn more about the PLUS plan and how it compares to our other two non-Medicare plans: Basic and Community Choice.

Get an overview of the UniCare State Indemnity Plan and our four health plan options.

PLUS hospital listing Check this listing to find the tier assignment of a Massachusetts acute care hospital. You pay lower copays when you use a Tier 1 or Tier 2 hospital.

Save with patient-centered primary care providers (PCPs) You have the freedom to see any primary care provider, but you’ll pay a lower copay ($15) for visits to Massachusetts PCPs who participate in UniCare’s Patient-Centered Primary Care program. The copay for all other PCPs is $20.

Save with Tier 1 and Tier 2 specialists – PLUS members can see any primary care provider or specialist. You'll have lower office visit copays for specialty care when you see Tier 1 and Tier 2 specialists in Massachusetts. Get details on our physician tiering program for PLUS and our other
non-Medicare plans.

Search the Physician Listing to locate a primary care provider or specialist in Massachusetts, or to find the tier designation of a Massachusetts specialty care physician.

View all provider listings for the PLUS plan.

View member handbook for the PLUS plan.

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