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Care Planning

A care plan is a detailed approach to patient care that is customized to incorporate an individual patient's needs, goals and preferences.

In order for care plans to be successful, the patient must be an engaged partner in the care planning process. Care plans are called for when patients can benefit from personalized physician instruction and feedback regarding management of their condition(s). The patient will be involved in goal setting for the issues he or she feels are most important.

While there are critical assessments and elements that should be part of a care plan, the exact format will vary based on each practice's charting process and electronic capabilities; there is not a single template for care plan development. To efficiently manage care, a care plan should enhance the patient's treatment plan, and should provide a broader level of assessment than a standard patient history and physical.

Explore our toolkit resources to find a sample care plan template and additional care plans.

Care Planning and Coordination resources

Care Plan Playbook - Our care plan playbook outlines the purpose of care plans and which patients can benefit most from them. It includes sample patient assessment metrics and a goal-setting framework, along with links to external resources that can help guide care planning.

Medication Adherence Flier - UniCare worksheet introducing the concept of medication adherence and related strategies.

Medication reconciliation flier - UniCare worksheet introducing the concept of medication reconciliation and related implementation strategies.

Health and wellness programs at a glance - A list of available programs offered by UniCare to help patients improve their own health in partnership with their primary care provider. Please note that certain programs are only offered to non-Medicare members (Basic, PLUS and Community Choice).

Patient care plan template - This template care plan is meant to help guide primary care team members as they develop a care plan with a patient. Providers are not required to use the template, but are welcome to use it as a starting point to help guide discussion and planning.


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