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Smart Shopper

A Smarter Way to Shop for Cost-Effective Health Care Services

Helping you compare costs among Massachusetts providers

SmartShopper® is a program to help our non-Medicare members save money on out-of-pocket costs by comparing the costs of test and procedures with different Massachusetts providers.

As you probably know, different medical providers can charge different prices for the exact same test or procedure. SmartShopper helps you be a savvy health care consumer by letting you:

Using SmartShopper is easy

If your doctor recommends a certain medical procedure, service or test, contact SmartShopper before having the service. You can reach SmartShopper in two ways:

Important! Using SmartShopper will not change your health plan benefits or member costs (copays, coinsurance and deductible).

Go to the SmartShopper website and start shopping.

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