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What's New

New Mobile Health app coming July 1

Our new secure Mobile Health app will let you easily check your claims, assess your health, get benefits and wellness information, and lots more.
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Welcome new plan members

Get important information about your ID cards and new health plan.
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Updates for returning members

Get important information about your ID cards and updated member materials for July 1, 2018.
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Talk to a doctor 24/7
Talk to a doctor in minutes, with our
LiveHealth ® Online telehealth program for Basic, PLUS and Community Choice members.
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A new kind of primary care practice for Basic, Community Choice and PLUS members
If you live in the Medford or Hyde Park area, check out Iora Primary Care, which offers care designed for adults 55+.
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Earn cash rewards with our SmartShopper program
Learn how you can compare the costs of tests and procedures and earn up to a $500 cash reward when you choose a cost-effective option.
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Videos with helpful tips from Customer Service
Watch these short videos for guidance on topics members often ask about.
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Your EAP resources are waiting for you
Never checked them out? Start taking advantages of these free resources today.
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Previous member spotlights

Save money and wait time by using alternatives to the ER
For minor illnesses and injuries that need care right away, use these convenient facilities and avoid a $100 copay at the ER.
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Managing asthma
Get tips on managing adult and childhood asthma and preventing asthma attacks.

Help for opioid addiction
Learn about the signs and symptoms of opioid addiction, treatment options, where to find help, and steps to prevent opioid addiction.
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Healthy living tips
Learn about sickle cell disease in Juneís issue of eHouseCall.
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Living well with diabetes
Keeping diabetes under control is the key to leading a normal life. Get tips on how you can be your healthy best.
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Have a benefits question?
Search our online member handbooks to get quick answers to your questions.
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Have you moved?
If youíre an active employee, be sure to contact your GIC Coordinator to provide your new home address so you receive all GIC and UniCare mailings promptly. If youíre a retiree, call the GIC to let them know.
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Changing to Medicare coverage
When you retire at age 65 or over, or if you are retired and turn age 65, the GIC will contact you about your Medicare health plan options. Visit the GICís website to learn more.
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Follow GIC news on Twitter
Get the latest GIC news on benefits, health care quality, health care reform and more.
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Previous Member News

Health signals for heart failure
Know the symptoms of heart failure and the steps you can take to reduce your risk.
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New diabetes prevention program
You can get reimbursed up to $500 when you complete 20 or more sessions in an approved diabetes prevention program between January 1 and June 30, 2018. (for non-Medicare members only)
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Introducing a new primary care offering for Medicare Extension members
If you live in the Medford or Hyde Park area, consider enrolling with Iora Primary Care. It offers care designed for adults ages 55+.
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