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Getting Care When You Need It Now

Emergency rooms save lives – that’s what they’re for. But if you’re dealing with a less threatening issue, getting care doesn’t have to take so long or cost so much. You have choices, even when you need care right away.

Listen to our short video about quick care options instead of the emergency room. (Note: LiveHealth Online applies to non-Medicare members only.)

Compare your copays.

Here are your choices when you need care right away

Get more help with deciding where you should go when you need care right away.

Compare your copays

At a retail medical clinic
At a non-hospital-based urgent care center
At an emergency room
Basic, PLUS and Community Choice members

Medicare Extension members


Find an urgent care center near you

Ask your doctor to recommend an urgent care center or retail medical clinic in your area. You can also check the following:

  • Inside Massachusetts – See our list of urgent care centers that are not hospital based, where you’ll pay a $20 copay rather than a $100 emergency room visit copay.
  • Outside Massachusetts – Search for a contracted medical provider and choose “Urgent Care” in the "I’m looking for field.”

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