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Patient-Centered Care: How It Benefits You

UniCare is currently working with primary care practices in Massachusetts, through our Patient-Centered Primary Care program, to help them incorporate the key elements of patient-centered care into their practices.

PLUS and Community Choice members pay a lower copay for primary care visits when they see a PCP that is part of UniCare's Patient-Centered Primary Care program.

What is patient-centered care?

Patient-centered care practices are those that have integrated systems of care within their practices to foster the relationship between patients and their primary care providers (PCPs). The goal is to provide care that keeps you healthier, motivated and informed.

A PCP can be a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or physician with specialties in internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics or geriatrics. When that relationship works well, the results are better outcomes, lower costs and more patient satisfaction.

This relationship is the basis of patient-centered care, an approach to care delivery that is being used by more and more practices. Patient-centered care is based on the simple idea that the best health care starts with having a PCP.

Are you already getting patient-centered care?

Patient-centered care efforts are well underway in Massachusetts. Here are some of the things you're likely to notice:

How can I find a patient-centered care provider?

You'll find patient-centered care providers listed in our Find a doctor tool. The names of centered care providers will appear with PCP+ next to their names.

To find a primary care provider in the Find a doctor tool:

Find out more about patient-centered care.

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