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Availity Remittance Inquiry Search Option Streamlined

Weíve changed the Check/EFT search option to make it easier for you to find your remittances. There are two search options:


How to access your remittances from the Availity Web Portal:
From the Availity Web Portal home page, select Payer Spaces. Next, choose UniCare from the list of payer options, and then select Remittance Inquiry.

Need a copy of the remittance for your records?
Select the View Remittance link associated with each remit to access the imaged copy of the paper remittance. You will then have the option to print or save.

Donít see this valuable tool when you log into the Availity Web Portal?
Contact your Availity Administrator to request Claims Status access, which includes Remittance Inquiry. If you donít know who the administrator is for your organization, log into Availity, go to your account, and select Who controls my access?

Try the Remittance Inquiry application today and see for yourself how easy it is to retrieve your remits.

For more information, check out the Reference Guide for UniCare remittance inquiries.

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